The November release from Bellingcat (‘The Dreadful Eight: GRU’s Unit 29155 and the poisoning of Emilian Gebrev’) contained evidence of a GRU operative that went by the name of ‘Georgy Gorshkov’. He was one of two GRU officers who travlled under cover to Bulgaria in April 2015, just days before Bulgarian national Emilian Gebrev fell seriously ill after being poisoned. He left the country just days after, along with his accomplice ‘Sergey Fedotov’.

Georgy Gorshkov – known in real life as Egor Aleksandrovich Gordienko
Photo from Bellingcat

We can now reveal that ‘Georgy Gorshkov’ goes by the name of Egor Aleksandrovich Gordienko in real life. Our investigations uncovered that in 2017 he was posted as a Russian diplomat to the World Trade Organization in Geneva. Multiple sources, including people who recognized him from his time in Generva, confirmed that Gordienko is the man pictured as Gorshkov in the Bellingcat article. We found his name listed as an attache (3rd Secretary) to the WTO in 2017. We’ve also spoken to an individual who knew Gordienko as a keen runner. His name is indeed entered in two organized races in Geneva held in 2018. He took part in the 5km Men’s Run at the Antigel Run in January 2018 and it appears he was registered for the Course de l’Escalade but didn’t run it, it seems he had to leave Geneva suddenly. We don’t know why.

Source: https://services.datasport.com/2018/lauf/antigel/alfag.htm

What were unit 29155 trying to do that required a would-be assassin being posted to the WTO?

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